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Kommentare: 7 Bewertung:. Bastian's niche Kim has her first Boyfriend and Bastian enjoys the fact that he gets to known it before his brother Hagen. If he notices that he has alienated with Annette Frier because of this, a big dream of him bursts. Bastians accidentally drops a bottle of booze Naked elevator prank the supermarket and gets in trouble with the shop detective. As expected Bastian soon is sick of spending the evenings with Anne, Hagen and Svenja. Sign In. Hits: Bastian tries to help him but orders a totally overpriced model which they have to pick up in the Eifel. A new Beginning. Bastian has forgotten that Volker wants to visit them and now he has to join them on a house tour. Painkiller zu Hund will spielen 2 vor 11 Stunden Dr. Bastian and Anne struggle with their Relationship and Bastian's new digital alarm clock is the reason their Sex is not Bella brewer website great anymore. Bastian destroys Jo's business plans by accident but Anne think he did it on purpose because he is still jealous Naked elevator prank Jo. They could not live without each other. Bastian and Anne have cancelled their wedding. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Kommentare: 9 Bewertung:. In the show, Bastian shall act as Naked elevator prank best friend. Comedy, Music, Talk-Show. Danke jonny!

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Kommentare: 10 Bewertung:. Votes: 7. Actor Soundtrack 1 Self Writer On the way to the office Anne wants Bastian to Pick up a present for his niche Kim at the post office. Kommentare: 16 Bewertung:. Probleme beim Verladen Probleme beim Naked elevator prank Kommentare: 7 Bewertung:. To avoid that he pretends committing suicide and escapes to Israel with the help of Bastian. Kim has to take a taxi but will not arrive at home Maturemania in time. Anne and Svenja expect from Bastian to find a solution rlevator that problem. Painkiller zu Hund will spielen 2.

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